About us

In 1987, Vasilios Magoutis founded the Accounting - Tax Technical Office, which he manages until today, with the excellent cooperation of his executives and his external partners. He is a member of the Economic Chamber of Greece with license to sign an unlimited balance sheet number 441/2003.

Our partners are all graduates of economic schools, with many years of experience, they have earned the respect and trust of our customers. It is no coincidence that we have clients from the largest companies in Greece.

Our privately owned offices are located in Arta, on Regional Road number 48. Our dynamic organization, animate and inanimate, helps us to offer services that fully meet your specialized needs (companies or natural persons that have any transaction with the Greek State).

Our many years of experience guarantee the solution to your tax problem. We are distinguished by confidentiality, seriousness, professionalism and responsibility. Our goal is the correct information of each taxpayer, the guidance regarding the course of their business and the careful supervision of the accounting.

Experience and Technical knowledge allow us to find the solution to the challenges that our Partners face on a daily basis and help us to provide them with our support on a continuous basis, contributing to the continuous and substantial improvement of the performance of your business.